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Men’s Grooming Services at Central Barbers at Westcroft in Milton Keynes

The modern man’s grooming regime extends beyond shampoo and soap. Look your best every day with the finest men’s grooming treatments at Central Barbers at Westcroft in Milton Keynes.

Not all guys want to (or even can) grow facial hair, making shaving a necessity. Some men can only grow patchy beards, which just will not do! One reason some men choose a clean shave is that facial hair often goes greyer faster than the hair on your head, so getting rid of a beard could suddenly take years off you.

Another reason is that, due to the exfoliation a razor gives, it allows your skin to get the most out of masks, scrubs and serums while helping to minimise spots and blemishes. Book in for our super luxurious hot towel shave to get the most out of your visit to us.

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Beard Trimming at Central Barbers at Westcroft

Beards are an incredibly popular trend with men (and their women!) but it can be easy to let your beard become unkempt.  Don’t forget that your facial hair needs the occasional trim to stay looking sharp.

To get the right shape with your beard trimmers, we suggest avoiding strong defined lines which make your beard look fake. Your barber should taper the lines on the cheekbones and under the neck for a natural look, upper lip hairs that start creeping into the mouth should be cut back and the lower neck hair should be trimmed to avoid joining up with your chest hair. 

Whatever beard style you have, it should always be trimmed whilst dry, and wet beards when trimmed will be much shorter when dried. 

Beard Maintenance and Care 

It’s not easy keeping on top of your facial hair, whether it’s shaving or beard care. Facial hair requires constant maintenance to look its best.

Frequent cleansing is a beard grooming basic, not just for the smell but to prevent a build-up of oil and dirt, which can lead to beardruff and acne. You should use a nourishing beard oil which will condition the beard hair and look after the skin underneath. Regularly combing your facial hair stimulates blood flow to the follicles which promotes healthy growth and distributes any oil to the dryer ends of the beard.

Eyebrow Maintenance For Men 

For guys who think it’s only women that have to maintain their eyebrows, we have two words: Jim’s Dad!

If your eyebrows are looking untidy or bushy, it’s time to take action. Book in at Central Barbers at Westcroft for an eyebrow trim and to get rid of those Gallagher-esque monobrows!

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