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The Best Skin Fade Haircuts in Milton Keynes at C:MK Central Barbers

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Modern and stylish, the skin fade haircut is a popular look for men of all ages.  Also known as the bald fade haircut, this trendy men’s hairstyle comes in a variety of forms, including the high, mid, and low skin fade.

Incredibly versatile, the skin fade can be combined with pretty much any hair cut including a quiff, pompadour, preppy hairstyles or slicked back look, depending on the look you want to achieve.   Hair detailing is also popular with a skin fade, where we can razor a design into the back or sides of your hair.  

Skin Fade Central Barbers Milton KeynesWhat is a Skin Fade?

As the name suggests, a skin fade is where the back and sides of the hair are cut or clippered shorter and shorter until it ‘fades’ as it reaches the neck.  

Clippers are used to achieve your skin fade, with clients asking for us to start with anything from a #5 (longer) clipper cut down to a #2 (very short) fade.  Your skin fade can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish – just talk to your barber about the look you fancy. 

A low skin fade haircut can look more professional, while a mid to high skin fade looks trendy.

For an even more dramatic look, consider having a disconnected undercut where the hair is left longer on top with shaved hair around the back and sides.   

Side Part Skin Fade Central Barbers barbershop in Milton KeynesSide Parted Skin Fade Hairstyle

Another popular choice when having a skin fade is to have a defined side parting.  Side partings tend to create a more classic men’s hairstyle, with a nod to the ’50s and ’60s.  Think Don Draper in TV’s Mad Men series – but with a seriously tapered hairstyle going into a modern skin fade.

When considering a side parting you first need to decide which side you want your hair parted.  You do not necessarily need to stick to your natural parting – your barber can shave a parting into your hair.  This is known as a ‘hard part’. 

Also think about how you want to wear your hair.  Will it be long on top, short and slicked back or casual and textured?  Make sure your hair is long enough on top so we can create the ideal men’s hairstyles for you.

Skinfades Central Barbers Milton KeynesQuiffed or Pompadour Hairstyle with Skin Fade

If you’ve opted for longer hair on top, the modern pompadour skin fade is a great option for you.

Adding height to the longer layers gives your hairstyle something of a retro feel but with a modern twist.  A pompadour is slightly different to a quiff because the hair tends to be worn with height across the head, whereas a quiff is usually higher at the front.  

Whichever quiffed look you go for, bear in mind that this hairstyle will need maintenance throughout the day so it doesn’t go flat.  We can recommend some great styling products to give your hairstyle long-lasting hold. 

hair design in skin fade top barbers in milton keynesShave a Hair Design into Your Skin Fade

Why not make your men’s hairstyle unique by asking your barber to add a design to the sides or back of your fade? 

If you have a design in mind, make sure you either show it to your barber or explain it in detail. Equally, we have the skill and creativity to suggest a design that will work for you.

Whether you’re looking for a hard part, some wavy or straight lines shaved into the side of your hairstyle, or an intricate design, some shaved details in your hairstyle is sure to become a talking point and a real head-turner.

If you’ve seen a design you would like, make sure you show it to your highly trained barber at Central Barbers in Milton Keynes. 

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